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silverdawnatl rules. Last night's game was a really nice set-up for the next upcoming game (we didn't want to do anything big because technoir wasn't with us, but we did our research and half the group got to find out neat info and had cool interaction with one Secret Society (Sophia's Daughters) and the other half had more research into our situation (breaking into somewhere where the Vaticine Church has locked down) as well as neat interaction with someone from another Secret Society (Explorer's Society).

By the way, the Explorer's Society is mucho cool, jam-packed with information as compared to the old school 7th Sea books.

Why does silverdawnatl rule? We discussed the fact that I like the character that I'm playing, but not as much as an Eisen panzerfisted Knight of the Rose and Cross concept I have. The only problem/situation is that the story that he's telling by using my Ussuran character is übercool and I really wanna find out where he's taking me story-wise. At the same time, I'm really psyched about playing a character that can get down and dirty in the fighting, but also be a major social interaction kinda guy.

Well...S. said that I could play the Ussuran sometimes (since his plot is long term and will take a while) and I can play the Eisen when I'm not playing the other guy.

Woo-hoo! I'm supa happy now.

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