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Theme and feel stuff

Theah is on the brink of war, and no one know it yet. Whispers in the dark speak of Alliances between the most unlikely of interests, Pirates Roam free along the coasts, and those with an ear to the waives hear rumors of a 'Pirate King', The Inqusition Presses in on all science and learning. Each countries rulers are incapable, uncarring, or haven't actually been seen in many years. Leaving many people to wander exactly who is guiding the fates of this world.
In a world of secrets and lies what can one small group of people do to turn the tide of corruption?

Welcome to 7th Sea. Where the fate of a city, nation, or the world may very well be in the hands of the farmer sitting next to you having a drink. Only he doesn't know it... yet.

That should give you a good feel for the general state of the world at the moment. Ready?
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