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The Books Are In! The Books Are In!

The books I ordered a while ago showed up finally! Yay!

Thing is, I'm up here in HBG and I can't hook you up with them, Scott. So, when I come back I'll hook you up with them.

Luckily I'm having someone send Rose and Cross as well as Die Kreuzritter up to me so I have something interesting to read while I'm stuck up here (I have plenty of books, but another distraction that's easy to pick up and put down during class is always great).

You guys have to tell me how things are going in the game and anything interesting that has happened.

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I got to be henry Higgins.

met us a villain we haven't killed yet.(see also inquisition)

We can rename Viola to tipsy.

that is all
I think the Vow is one of the coolest abilities a character can have, when used right.